Like Mother, Like Son

Last night was soccer. I am the team mom for Little S and so most games I watch him play.

Tonight when we got to the field we were the first ones there so we got to choose which side we wanted to be on. Normally when we are on field 2 we choose the left hand side. Tonight we chose the right hand side as there were two big mud holes on the other side. (I know, I know)

Anyhow, before they started the game I told Little S to stay out of the mud. It is one thing when he is home jumping in puddles with mud boots on and another when he has tennis shoes on. The other coach as well told her kids to stay away from the mud as much as possible. They also had an older sibling stand near the mud on the field to keep the ball away.

3rd quarter and all is well. Little S is now going to be the goalie. He is doing okay. The ball comes at him. He bends down stops the ball, picks it up and throws it back out into the field.

Then he completely freezes.
Looks at his hands and the mud on them and has no idea what to do.
He looks at me, looks at Teen and just stares at his hands. (I am starting to snicker at this point) Teen tells him to just wipe them on his pants and that it will be fine.
He looks at me and I just nod.
He wipes his hands and the game continues.

A little while later the ball is headed back towards him.
He looks at the ball, looks at his hands, looks back at the ball and watches it roll into the goal.

I just laugh. Really laugh. I can’t even blame him. It is totally my fault. I am such a germ-a-phobe he can’t help it. 4+ years of me constantly telling him to wash his hands has been burned into his mind, he can’t have dirty hands.

I am so proud……LOL


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2 Responses to Like Mother, Like Son

  1. Jean says:

    LOL Poor kid!! You\’ve crippled him for life!!LOL I know so many kids like this, now. They have to wash their hands every time they get dirty! I snickered my way through this.. I was totally the opposite.. didn\’t ever care…til I became a nurse. Now I\’m as bad as him!! Can\’t stand to even feel dirty!HA!

  2. Patricia says:

    Oh No! That is so funny! Oh my goodness! Aww, poor S! I hope nobody got upset with him cause he did not try to block the ball. That would really make me feel bad. LOL!  I am a germ a phobe too. Alan, just grosses me out, he can go all day without washing his hands and touch food and lick crap off his fingers. Not washing his hands is one of our biggest fights! haha!

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