Tap! Tap! Tap!
Anyone still out there reading this?  I kind of miss having the privacy I had here.  I made some of the greatest friends I have right here on this blog.
I have been thinking alot about starting it up again.  I have felt a real need to get some things out, but with my other blog being public, I am unable to spill my guts about some issues.
I loved being able to just tell it like it is here and not have to worry about my husband, parents, kids or other relatives reading my true feelings.
But I also love that my new blog in that I can share my life and kids with so many family and friends that don’t live near enough to share the daily little things with.
So if you are out there reading this, let me know.  I might just start blogging here again.  I need the outlet.
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2 Responses to Hello?

  1. R U Serious says:

    I\’m here!! You\’re right about the privacy issue. Facebook is fun and I go there alot, but WLS will always be \’home\’.So glad to see this post.

  2. Shannon says:

    I miss the days when I could blog freely and not worry what others thought. 😦

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